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Notes on the Songs


(not Gus)

The guitar is a small instrument. Andres Segovia, in a televised master class

I still make mistakes, that's how I know I'm on to something.
Sonny Rollins, radio interview

Keep your thumb movin', boy. Mississippi Fred McDowell,
in conversation

Even if it's not exactly the right chord, put it in exactly the right place. Jethro Burns, in conversation, recalling the virtues of Homer Haynes

The guitar has five places to play middle "C". Pepe Romero, radio interview

There are four elements of music; melody, harmony, rhythm... and silence. Sweets Edison, radio interview

If you want to ride it, got to ride it like you find it.
Leadbelly, "The Rock Island Line"

You got to learn to spell your chords. Rev. Gary Davis, in conversation

Flat fives flip flop. Theory of Relativity Ted Estersohn

You just can't sit down in a chair and play rock and roll music. You can do that with a certain kind of blues music, you can sit down and play it may have to lean forward a little. Bob Dylan, Sing Out Vol. 18 #4 (Oct./Nov. 1968)

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