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Notes on the Songs


Asking the musical question...

Are you bugged at Jeopardy! because they seldom quiz good music, and even when they do it's too tame and mainstream?
Then this is for you. Earn your Folkie Merit Badge; it will show so nicely on your uniform.
And remember, please, no wagering. For entertainment purposes only. Just for fun, here's two that I've been saving for a long time.

i. If the people's key is the key of C, what is the key of the bourgeoisie?
ii. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

See the answers

1. Who died for love of Sweet William?
2. Who was the convicted murderer who sang his way out of prison?
3. Who was the guiding light of Disc and Folkways Records?
4. With what tune did Bill Monroe break into the Grand Ole Opry in a big way?
5. Where did Malvina Reynolds see little boxes on the hillside?
6. How much does a bale of cotton weigh?
7. Who is Chester Burnett?
8. Who did William Zanzinger kill?
9. Who did Arlo's momma dance with?
10. How many strings on a contrabass balalaika?
11. In what state is Parchman Farm?
12. Name the group with the Delmore Bros., Grandpa Jones, and Merle Travis.
13. What's in Utah Phillips shotgun?
14. Who's the "Lone Cat," from Oakland, California and Atlanta, Georgia?
15. What's a gadulka?
16. If the river was whiskey, what would I be?
17. Name the Folk revival star who managed Doc Watson and Bill Monroe before going on to found the Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife.
18. Who shot King Brady?
19. If Robert Johnson sold his soul for guitar chops, where did the devil steal his licks?
20. What's the "click" language sung by Miriam Makeba?
21. Who is Bosephus?
22. Who recorded Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan?
23. Our captain fell in love with a lady like a dove. Name her.
24. What was Dave Van Ronk's Band with Sam Charters and Danny Kalb?
25. Whose land is this?
26. Just what is a Terraplane, anyhow?
27. What blues great appeared in "Finian's Rainbow" on Broadway?
28. What's a kora?
29. Name the original Carter Family.
30. How were they related?
31. What was the name of the red-light district in Dallas?
32. What would Richard Farina have you pack up?
33. Who followed Pete Seeger in The Weavers?
34. Who followed him?
35. Who followed him?
36. What will Ma Rainey show you?
37. One man wrote the lyrics to "Over the Rainbow," "Brother Can you Spare a Dime," and "Lydia the Tattooed Lady." Name him.
38. His name means "dry wood" in French.
39. Who's the Yodeling Brakeman?
40. What scale is D to D on the white keys?
41. What was Clarence Lofton's eponymous infirmity?
42. Who was the sheriff of Shreveport (Caddo Parish) in 1915-1940?
43. What sort of bagpipes are you sure to see at the great big Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade?
44. What's the "drinking gourd"?
45. Who played Ike the troubadour in the film "Sounder"?
46. How far is it to Louisville?
47. Who wrote "Pancho and Lefty"?
48. Where is Angola Prison?
49. Who did Kinky Friedman dub the "anti-Hank"?
50. What was the name of Lee Hayes' recording group after the Weavers?
51. Name his bandmate, soon to become a renowned actor.
52. Gid Tanner and ___________
53. What's a tambura?
54. What's the other tambura?
55. Name the fiddle playing Monroe brother.
56. How do high-toned people wear their hats?
57. Who recorded the Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers?
58. When it comes to hammers, how much is a little too heavy?
59. Name the three Balfa Freres.
60. Who did John Lewis murder?
61. Who's next to Bob Dylan on the cover of the Freewheelin' album?
62. What was Mississippi John Hurt's home town?
63. Who was the proprietor of the NYC Folklore Center and one-time editor of Sing Out!
64. What composer was recording Hungarian folk music in the field before WWI?
65. What 2000 movie sparked a country and bluegrass revival?
66. Name the bandleader given to falsetto whoops like, "Ah yes. Take it away, Leon!"
67. Who's Leon?
68. Who's "Candyman" (in the key of C) was covered by Dave Van Ronk?
69. When does cuckoo hollerin' season begin?
70. Who wrote "The Battle of New Orleans"?
71. When did said battle occur?
Connect the locale (72-79) with the Bad Thing That Happened There (a-h).
72. Galveston
73. Calumet, Michigan
74. New Orleans
75. Buffalo
76. Baltimore
77. Salt Lake City
78. Coal Creek, Tennessee
79. Los Gatos Canyon
a. The McKinley assassination
b. Hurricane Betsy
c. The framing and execution of Joe Hill
d. A mighty storm
e. Plane wreck killing Hispanic deportees
f. Massacre of union workers by goons shouting "Fire! and blocking exits
g. Violent protests against competing with convict labor
h. Fire (1904)
80. Who's the Singing Ranger?
81. Why wasn't Jack Johnson on board the Titanic?
82. What's a dvojnice?
83. Do you like boobs a lot?
84. What is Muddy Waters' given name?
85. Who done Frankie wrong?
86. The Stanley Bros. & ______________
87. Who is Blind Boy Grunt?
88. Who was the first black All-American in collegiate football?
89. Name 3 traditional tunes swiped by Aaron Copeland.
90. What instrument did Buffy St. Marie play on Cripple Creek?
91. "What does the deep sea say?"
92. Who is Elliott Charles Adnopoz?
93. ____________ and His Shuffling Hungarians
94. Who was John Henry's little woman?
95. I learned this song from my Grandma in Viper, __________.
96. Who killed a man on the West Virginia line?
97. What did Muddy Waters famously have workin"?
98. What band hosted a whole raft of all-star "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" albums?
99. After the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, their sons were adopted by the composer of what song?
100. What was the theme song of the movie "Bonnie and Clyde?"
Extra Credit: Won't somebody tell me what Diddy Wah Diddy means?

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