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Notes on the Songs


40=Join a Boy Band
50=Punk Rocker
61=Hit the Highway
66=You're on the Route
70=Folkie Merit Badge
80=Folkie Merit Badge with Oak Leaf Cluster
90=Folk Legend
If you have a different right answer, score 2 points. It's folk music.

i. B flat
ii. Charles Lamb

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1. Barbara Allen 2. Leadbelly 3. Moe Asch 4. Mule Skinner Blues 5. Daly City, CA 6. 500 lbs 7. Howlin' Wolf 8. Poor Hattie Carroll 9. Martha Graham 10. 3 11. Mississippi 12. The Brown's Ferry Four 13. Rock salt and nails 14. Jesse Fuller 15. A Bulgarian fiddle with sympathetic strings and no fingerboard 16. A diving duck 17. Ralph Rinzler 18. Duncan 19. Son House 20. Xhosa 21. Hank Williams, Jr. 22. John Hammond 23. Pretty Peggy-o 24. The Ragtime Jug Stompers 25. Your land, my land 26. A Hudson-Essex car, 1932-1938 27. Sonny Terry 28. A 23 stringed West African harp with a gourd body. 29. Sara, Maybelle, and A. P. Carter 30. Sara and A. P. were married; "Mother" Maybelle was a sister-in-law 31. Deep Elm 32. Your sorrows 33. Eric Darling 34. Frank Hamilton 35. Bernie Krause 36. Her Black Bottom 37. E.Y. "Yip" Harburg 38. Bois Sec Ardoin 39. Jimmie Rodgers 40. Dorian mode 41. Cripple Clarence Lofton 42. Mr. Tom Hughes 43. Scottish war pipes 44. The Big Dipper 45. Taj Mahal 46. 8 more miles 47. The Late Great Townes Van Zandt 48. Louisiana 49. Garth Brooks 50. The Babysitters 51. Alan Arkin 52. The Skillet Lickers 53. A stringed instrument that supplies the drone in ragas 54. A Balkan long-necked mandolin sort of thing 55. Birch Monroe 56. On the back of their head. (The Danville girl) 57. Ralph Peer 58. 9 pounds 59. Will, Rodney, and Dewey 60. Omie (Naomi) Wise 61. Suze Rotolo 62. Avalon, Mississippi ("Avalon's my home town, always on my mind.") 63. Izzy Young 64. Bela Bartok 65. O Brother, Where Art Thou? 66. Bob Wills 67. Leon McAuliffe, steel guitarist in "The Texas Playboys." 68. Rev. Gary Davis 69. The fourth day of July 70. Jimmy Driftwood 71. The 8th of January (1815) 72. d. 73. f. 74. b. 75. a. 76. h. 77. c. 78. g. 79. e. 80. Hank Snow 81. "Captain said, "I ain't haulin' no coal.'"(Leadbelly) 82. A double barreled Bosnian recorder 83. Ya gotta like boobs a lot. (Steve Weber; The Fugs, The Holy Modal Rounders) 84. McKinley Morganfield 85. Albert (Mississippi John Hurt), Johnnie (most everybody else), Al Britt (per historical records) 86. The Clinch Mountain Boys 87. Bob Dylan recording with Eric Von Schmidt and Richard Farina 88. Paul Robeson 89. Bonaparte's Retreat, Hop High Ladies (McCleod's Reel), and Simple Gifts 90. Mouth bow 91. It moans, it groans, it flashes and it foams/And rolls on its weary way 92. Ramblin' Jack Elliott 93. Professor Longhair 94. Polly Ann 95. Kentucky (Jean Ritchie) 96. John Hardy 97. His mojo (also acceptable: BWDDWBBWDBWT!) 98. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 99. Strange Fruit (Abel Meeropol) 100. Foggy Mountain Breakdown

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